About Us

We are a well-rehearsed team of generalists and technical experts with excellent contacts to the press.


The change in mobility cannot be stopped. But the path to this goal is varied. Designers and doers from such diverse areas as sharing, eMobility and business travel are among our customers.


E-commerce has become apart of our everyday life. We help to bring startups and innovative business ideas into the spotlight, right next to Amazon, Zalando and Co.


Many sustainably operating companies are not geared to scaling up as quickly as possible, but rather want to have a positive influence on society. Our public relations work gives these business models a voice.


Startups are revolutionizing our understanding of banking and the money economy. We love to bring these courageous minds with their new ideas to the centre of attention.

Digital Health

Digital change is affecting all areas of the healthcare system at an increasing pace. We ensure that e-Health startups and their business models are better perceived.


From vegan handbags to cannabis products - lifestyle magazines love providing their readers with extraordinary business stories.

Human Resources

Today, good employees are the most important factor for corporate success. We illuminate new ideas for talent acquisition and help to bring about the leadership culture of tomorrow.


Advertising is and needs communication. We make sure that not only consumers talk about our customers' campaigns.

Legal Tech

To help consumers, you have to reach consumers. Our public relations work creates awareness and trust, not least in the fight 'David against Goliath'.


The basis of our economy. Competitive, dynamic, agile, innovative. We put these messages in a nutshell.


They do good things. And we talk about it for our NGO clients - with passion, across all communication channels.


Social problems affecting women are being discussed more and more intensively and are now increasingly being solved by committed women. We encourage curiosity about products and services, especially for women.


Your PR Experts

Lucie Rüdisühli

Andreas Engel

Managing Director

Andreas Engel has had an eventful media career: in the early nineties he worked as chief correspondent for "Die Welt" in Bonn before joining Burda. Today he is a consultant with a focus on CEO coaching. You can find out more about him in this interview with German newspaper "Der Tagesspiegel".

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Dino Kadric

Senior PR Manager
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Jürgen Grafelmann

Senior PR Manager
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